July 5-7, 2019 Trial
Premium Now Available! - Entry opens May 27th

May 3-5, 2019 Trial
NADAC South Central Regional

Results Catalog - as posted at the trial

NADAC Regionals Results
Click on "South Central Regional Results"

Congratulations to the NADAC SC Regional Winners!

Elite Std X-Large: Arne & Alex
Elite Std Large: Rachelle & Gaemer
Elite Std Medium: David & Merdyn
Elite Std Small: Alison & Winnie
Elite Vet X-Large: Kristen & Dakota
Elite Vet Large: Limmon & Beaukey
Elite Vet Medium: Lorrie & Pixie
Elite Vet Small: Betty & Bonus (not pictured)
Elite Vet Mini: Devorah & Lil (not pictured)
Pre-Elite Large: Sherry & Dash
Pre-Elite Small: Betty & Bree (not pictured)

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