Name:Gold Medal Mountain Trekker
Nicknames:Trekker, Trektard, Puppy
Breed:Border Collie
Birthdate:February 20, 2010
About Trek: Trek is a Canadian born BC out of Rival's Jaida and Powertripp's Risk. He was a bit of a surprise for us since we had worked out other plans for a puppy, but plans changed which put us back in the market for a pup. We got a call that Trek was available and looking for a performance home. He sounded like the perfect fit for us, so we flew up to Buffalo, NY to pick him up! He's been an awesome addition to our family and we're loving every minute with him!

Agility Titles and Accomplishments

NADAC: NATCH 3, Versatility NATCH 3, S-EAC, S-EJC, S-ECC, S-TN-E, S-WV-E, S-TG-E, HP-E, BR-E
2500 Lifetime Point Award


Flyball Titles and Accomplishments - Retired
Best Time: 3.99 - passing

Misc Titles and Accomplishments


1st Place Novice T&C Ft. Collins - 6/4/11
2nd place Novice & Intermediate T&C Littleon - 9/17/11
1st place Intermediate T&C Thornton - 5/19/12
3rd Place Frizgility - UP Dog - 5/21/2017

Puppy Pictures: 8-16 weeks
Puppy Pictures: 4-12 mos