About Us

Mission Statement
- To encourage and promote agility, flyball and other companion events and activities by all dogs regardless of pedigree or breed.
- To promote and educate all fanciers to the importance of a sound and healthy canine as per all aspects of canine sports and functions.
- To provide a fun, safe and competitive environment.
- To encourage sportsmanlike conduct at all dog shows, test/trials, fun matches and any other events where canine sport fanciers participate.
Who We Are
Travis and Lindsey Cooper both grew up in Colorado. From 2000-2005, we lived in Olympia, WA where we got our first dog Mariah. The training started with basic obedience and soon moved to agility. After about a year in agility, we were introduced to flyball. Mariah was a crazy little dog, but she was the best first competition dog we could hope for! She was such a quick learner, yet she was very independent so she kept us on our toes. Mariah and Lindsey competed in AKC, NADAC and USDAA. They attended NADAC Championships five years in a row, 6 years total. In 2005 and 2006 Mariah took 3rd place overall and in 2007 she placed 4th overall. In 2008 she finished 1st place overall in the 16" Veteran division and in 2010 she won again with a 1st place finish in the double digit category!

After a couple years of training and figuring out what we were doing, we decided to get a second dog. Travis wanted a border collie - so we ended up with Brisco. Brisco is from sheep herding lines and has just been a wonderful dog. He's mellow around the house, but as soon as he's doing agility and flyball - he's insane! Brisco made a great showing at the 2007 NADAC championships. He competed in the Super Stakes division (lots of distance work) and placed 3rd in the 20+ class! In 2010 we ran in the Silver Stakes division and Brisco took home 1st place overall as well as high scoring bonus points!

When we moved back to Colorado in 2005, we decided to start our own club to host NADAC trials. The first year, we hosted one trial in July. By the second year we added a second trial in October, then in our third year we added a third trial in March. In our fourth, fifth and sixth year, we hosted four trials! Now we host 5-6 trials/year! We love to host trials and try to make them fun for the competitors and their dogs.

In 2010 we had a great year in many ways! We introduced a lot of people to NADAC at our trials, Mariah and Brisco became the first 2 dogs in RUFF to earn their flyball FGDCH-50K titles (50,000 points), Mariah (at 10 yrs old) earned her UDSAA APD title and both dogs took 1st place overall in their divisions at NADAC championships! The other exciting part of our year was adding a new border collie "Trek" to the family. Trek has been the perfect addition to our family and he is a blast to run in agility!

Our latest family addition is Flik whom we brought home from NY in Jan. 2017. Flik is a crazy, but fun border collie who is just getting started in his agility career. He has enthusiasm in everything he does and definitely keeps us on our toes.

When we aren't competing at agility or flyball events, we'll head to the mountains to go hiking, mountain biking and fly fishing. You can see pictures from our trips on the "Colorado Adventures" pages. The dogs love to head to the mountains and we all enjoy exploring new places and enjoying the beauty of Colorado!

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