Bear Peak - Boulder, CO
Elevation:8,461 ft
Trail:Bear Peak via Mesa trail & Fern Canyon
Distance:8 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:2816 ft

First trail shot with Brisco leading the way. Mariah looking for treats!

The first park of the hike on the Mesa Trail is fairly easy. Mariah being a good off-leash dog and waiting for us.

After 3.2 miles, we decided to take the plunge
and go for the climb up to Bear Peak.
Headed up the Fern Canyon trail.

Quick stop for a snack A view of the Boulder Flatirons to the north

Happy Brisco enjoying the hike! Great views of rock formations along the trail

Raptors nest on the rock ledges in late summer.
We heard a few and had one fly by when we stopped to take the picture.
Quick photo during a break.

Travis headed up the trail. Brisco showing the way as we went up... and up... and up...

Lindsey working her way up through the rocks Getting closer to the top!

A great view of the colorful rocks with Boulder in the background. Travis and Brisco with northern Denver behind them.

Whoo hoo! Almost to the top! Brisco leading us up the last scramble.

Brisco is quite the rock hopper! Mariah looking for chipmunks in the rocks below.

View from the top looking towards Boulder. Another picture of the view looking south west.

Family picture at the top of Bear Peak Mariah and Brisco getting a drink before we head back down.

Travis and Mariah enjoying the scenery. Brisco hamming it up for the camera again...

Headed back down the steep trail...
Trying to get down before it gets too dark!