Mt. Belford & Mt. Oxford
Date:September 2, 2011
Elevation:Mt. Belford - 14,197 ft
Mt. Oxford - 14,153 ft
Trail:Northwest Ridge
Distance:11 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:6,327 ft
Difficulty:Class 2
Time it took us:9 hrs 24 min

After a short, but steep hike up Huron Peak on Thursday, we went back out on Friday for a longer hike up Mt. Belford and Mt. Oxford. This time we started earlier than usual and were on the trail at 4:45am. To hike the two peaks, you must hike Belford first, then hike 1.5 miles over to Oxford's summit, then return back over Belford. It is a long hike, but the views are absolutely beautiful! The tundra was turning red and we had a beautiful day with just a little wind here and there. One of the best parts of the hike was looking around at other 14ers that we've hiked and ones we were going to hike very soon. The worst part about the hike was the long, steep route out... Hiking off Belford there are around 80 switchbacks above treeline and a bunch more once you get into the trees. It's a trail that seems to go on forever and we were definitely glad we started early and hiked a lot of it in the dark.

Exiting tree line and looking at the route ahead

The trail heads up the slope following tons of switchbacks

Up and up we go!

Getting close to the saddle below Belford

Views to the north

The final summit pitch for Mt. Belford

Mt. Belford Summit marker

Trek enjoying the view

Family picture! It was a little windy and chilly.

Looking back at Belford's summit as we head to Oxford

The ridge trail over to Mt. Oxford

On the saddle looking back at Belford

Beautiful day!

The trail we've hiked from Belford

Travis on the last slope to Oxford's summit

Beautiful red tundra!

Mt. Oxford Summit shot

Trek's summit shot

Mt. Oxford Summit marker

Leaving Oxford's summit

Amazing scenery!

Headed back over to Mt. Belford

Trek resting on the soft tundra

View to the west

Views to the north of the mountains we'll hike on Sunday

Huron peak on the right which we hiked yesterday!

Travis almost back to the summit of Belford

Trek on the golden rocks of Belford

Time to head back down the long route out

Travis and Trek taking a quick break

Switchbacks - with great views at least

Marmots relaxing in the sun

Finally back into the trees and another couple miles to go

Back at the trailhead!

The GPS route for our hike

Final Elevation Profile