As dog sports have progressed, so has the focus for canine conditioning. Teams want to be sure they are conditioned and ready for any activity they participate in. Building core strength, stamina and body awareness will help teams excel and prevent injuries. Canine conditioning can also be a fun way to bond with your dog and improve your teamwork!

My interest in canine conditioning started after injuries my dogs had that resulted in months of time off of competition, plenty of money and lots of hours doing rehab exercises. I decided that I wanted to learn more about how to get them in better shape to begin with and strengthen their cores in order to avoid future injuries. I attended the FitPAWS Master Trainer lab course in April 2015 and received my Master Trainer certification.

Since completing the training, I have had a blast working with my dogs and I have recently started offering workshops to show others how to get started. It is a lot of fun to see the handlers and their dogs learn proper technique on the flat and and how to safely transfer that to FitPAWS equipment.

Upcoming Workshops
None scheduled at this time. Please email me if you are interested!
If we get 6 people, we can schedule a workshop.