Bierstadt – Sawtooth – Mt. Evans
Date:September 20, 2010
Elevation:Mt. Bierstadt - 14,060 ft
The Sawtooth - 13,780 ft
West Evans – 14,256 ft
Mt. Evans – 14,264 ft
Trail:Sawtooth Combo
Distance:10.49 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:4,436 ft
Difficulty:Class 1, 2 and 3
Time it took us:8 hrs 56 min

Hiking season is coming to an end. Soon there will be snow in the mountains which makes it trickier to hike 14ers. Travis and I decided to at least get in one more good hike before the snow comes. We chose to hike Mt. Bierstadt and traverse the ridge over to the Sawtooth, then up to Mt. Evans. The Sawtooth route is a fun class 3 ridge that you can pick your own route depending on how tough you want it to be. The ledge looks sketchy from a distance, but as you get closer, it’s not so bad. I think the toughest part of the hike was the class 2 section up to West Evans then continuing over to Mt. Evans. You just kept hiking and hiking and wondering where the summit of Evans is! We had great weather all day (a tad windy in places) and we got a great workout. If that is the last big hike we get in this year, we’re both very happy with it!

The sun coming up as we near the summit of Bierstadt

On the summit of Mt. Bierstadt

The class 3 route over the ridge to the Sawtooth

Lindsey checking out the ridge

Looking back at Bierstadt’s summit

Travis working his way across the ridge

Lindsey climbing up a class 3 section

Travis scrambling

The route around the gendarme and across the ledge

A closer look at the ledge

Lindsey almost off the ridge

Looking back at the ridge we just crossed!

Travis and Lindsey on the Sawtooth

Headed towards Mt. Evans

Travis headed up West Evans

We saw one very nice Mountain Goat near the summit

Lookin’ good Mr. Goat!

He was more interested in another group behind us with a dog

Mt. Evans summit

Relaxing before the trek back down

Following the cairns off Mt. Evans

The route back to the car

We had to drop down a steep and loose chute

Travis happy to be off the rocks

Beautiful fall colors

Happy little tree!

Lindsey in the bushes with Bierstadt in the background

The trail sign & Bierstadt

GPS + Google Earth view of our route

Final GPS elevation profile