Flat Tops Wilderness

We did a 3 night/4 day backpacking trip in the
Flat Tops Wilderness area from July 1-4, 2006.
The area is absolutely beautiful and being in
that environment for 4 days was amazing.

At the trailhead, getting ready for our 4-day adventure.
Travis & Brisco, George & Taylor, Lindsey & Mariah
After hiking uphill all day in the heat,
we found a small, level area to camp in for the night.

- Day two -
Still smiling as we head up with full packs on our backs
Be careful sitting down with a pack on...
"Help - I've fallen and I can't get up!"

As we climbed higher the trees started
to thin and views got better.
Crossing through an aspen grove with thick,
lush plants and flowers everywhere

Camping spot for night two After 2 days of hiking uphill, we're
very close to the top of the flat tops!

Mariah and the other dogs slept very, very well.
Yes - we did pack dog beds for them
- Day Three -
Brisco wearing his backpack and posing
by the Elk skull that we found near the trail

Finally on top of the flat tops! The trail leveled out on top and we had a blast on day 3

T.C. (the traveling tiger) resting on the trail sign.
We took the Oyster Lake trail towards Trappers Lake
Headed up the trail...

A great view of a distant flat top After a fun day of hiking, we're at camping spot #3

- Day 4 -
On day four, we woke up and hiked up the hill to the
Ampetheater for a great view of Trappers Lake down below
The view back towards our campsite
as we head to the overlook

Brisco on the edge of the cliffs of the Ampetheater Lindsey and Mariah with Trappers Lake in the background

Brisco ready to play Dirty dogs, but happy dogs

After enjoying the view, we played in the snow on
the way back to the campsite
Sliding upside down and backwards is a blast!

There were lots of Columbine flowers growing by the rocks One last view on top before we head
down for a well earned shower!