ATV trip: Bangs and Billings Canyon - Grand Junction, CO
September 7, 2009

We spent Labor Day Weekend in Grand Junction, CO
Sat & Sun were flyball days with the pups and Monday was ATV day! We went out to Bangs Canyon and played on lots of ATV & 4x4 trails, then we ended up at Billings Canyon where we gave it a good try. We didn't make it past the 1st obstacle, but we had fun anyway!

Parked at the top of the ridge!

Lindsey going up a steep and rocky hill.

Travis headed up the hill

Zooming by!

Billings Canyon - the sign says it all!

Lindsey at the start of the canyon

First obstacle - Prepay #1

Travis attempting Prepay #1

Working the wheels up onto the rocks

We didn't realize the front left tire was starting to go flat

At this point - all 4 tires were just spinning!

The rocks were really big!

Last attempt to get up and over...

Finally gave up after a flat tire and fluids started to leak out.