Mt. Democrat, Mt. Cameron & Mt. Lincoln
Date:July 27, 2010 (Mariah’s 10th BD!)
Elevation:Mt. Democrat - 14,148 ft
Mt. Cameron – 14,238 ft
Mt. Lincoln – 14,286 ft
Trail:Standard Decalibron route
Distance:7.5 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:3,700 ft
Difficulty:Class 2
Time it took us:7 hrs round trip (w/ a nap included!)

14er fever has hit! We'd hiked two 14ers already this year and we wanted to hike more,
so we decided to ditch work one day and hit multiple summits in one day!
We left Denver Monday night and camped out at Kite Lake.
As usual, we woke up early and were on the trail by 5:45am. The weather held out and we had a blast!
Brisco and Mariah joined us. It was a special hike for Mariah since it was her 10th birthday!

Mt. Lincoln with the sun peeking over the ridge

Looking back at Kite Lake

Happy Mariah!

Trail sign with Mt. Democrat in the background

A couple panoramic shots from the saddle between Democrat and Lincoln

Travis and Brisco with Democrat's summit in site

Brisco leading the way - as usual...

Mt. Democrat summit - 14,148 ft

Mariah's 10th Birthday cookie!
She got a little bite on each summit :)

Headed down off Democrat

Looking at the trail up to Mt. Cameron

Looking back at Mt. Democrat.
The clouds moved in for a bit.

Mariah waiting for mom.
Travis and Beth heading into the clouds

Group shot on top of Mt. Cameron - 14,238 ft

Yummy birthday cookie!

Looking at the route to Mt. Lincoln

Travis and Beth headed to the snazzy cone before Lincoln

The final pitch to Mt. Lincoln

Brisco and Mariah on Mt. Lincoln

Goofy group summit shot.
We always do at least one of these. ;)

Mt. Lincoln summit marker

Another group of hikers enjoying the view.

Brisco resting at the top

Looking back at Mt. Cameron

Beth on top of the world!

Headed down off Lincoln

The scenery on the trail was amazing!

A last look at Mt. Lincoln

Headed to the Mt. Bross detour trail

Brisco in his snazzy booties

Mt. Bross detour trail

Not sure where this is?

Mariah wants a nap...

Still smiling after multiple summits!

Headed back to Kite Lake down the scree

Mariah and Brisco happy to be back on the grass

Trailhead sign with maps and info