Missouri Mtn, Iowa Peak & Emerald Peak
Date:September 4, 2011
Elevation:Missouri Mtn - 14,067 ft
Iowa Peak - 13,831 ft
Emerald Peak - 13,904 ft
Trail:West Ridge
Distance:8 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:4,300 ft
Difficulty:Class 2
Time it took us:7 hrs 50 min

We had a day of rest after hiking Huron Peak on Thurs and Belford and Oxford on Friday, then we were back at it. This time we hiked up the West ridge of Missouri Mtn and continued on a loop over to Iowa Peak and Emerald Peak (ranked 13er). We drove the ATV up to the gate and camped at Clohesy Lake. We scouted out where the trail started and before the sun came up, we were hiking by headlamp. The West ridge isn't as popular of a route. We followed a well-defined trail for a bit, then it faded away above tree line. We continued up the steep slope and eventually joined up with the main trail as it follows the ridge to Missouri's summit. We visited with one other person on Missouri, then continued on to Iowa and Emerald. We had those two peaks to ourselves and didn't see another person until we got back down off the mountain and near Clohesy lake. This was a really enjoyable hike and it was another beautiful day!

Our camping spot

Clohesy Lake

Headed up the steep tundra slope

The sun coming up on Huron Peak to the north.

We came up the tundra slope

Travis working his way up

Getting rocky as we go higher.

Quick break to enjoy the view

The main trail that follows the ridge

Missouri Mountain summit marker

Missouri Summit shot

Coming up next - Iowa & Emerald

There's no defined trail to Iowa & Emerald

Beautiful weather and great views!

Coming up on Iowa Peak

Iowa Peak from a different angle

Looking back at Missouri Mountain

Emerald Peak to the west

Iowa Peak summit shot

Leaving Iowa and headed to Emerald

Awesome volcano looking mountains

Looking back at Iowa Peak

Headed up the rocks to Emerald's summit

View to the west

Emerald Peak summit shot

The slope headed off Emerald

Lindsey taking a scenery break

Travis with the Apostles in the background

Lindsey headed down the scree slope

Travis scree skiing

An old cabin

What a great view they had!

Headed back down the valley

Back at Clohesy Lake

The GPS route for our hike

Final Elevation Profile