Monarch Crest Bike Adventure - September 1, 2007

Unloading the bikes at the top of Monarch Pass Group photo at the start:
Joe, Lindsey, Travis, Mindy, Jane & Brian

Mindy catching her breath after a big hill Travis pushing up a steep slope

Getting closer to the top
The trail flattens out and the views are great!
Looking back at the trail

Lindsey, Travis, Mindy & Brian taking a quick break
and enjoying the view before the next incline
The trail heading upward with rocks to negotiate

The last push to the top across the rocky field Brian coming over the final ridge

The views were beautiful at the top! Lindsey wondering "where to next?"

After 11 miles up and over the ridge
Travis and Lindsey are finally at Marshall Pass

At Marshall Pass, the boys and girls went separate ways.

The girls had a fun 15 miles of downhill on roads
and finished their 26 miles with big smiles.

The boys took the Silver Creek trail for more single track
and an extra 10 miles for a total of 36 miles!

Lindsey taking a quick stop to enjoy the view
Mindy and Jane cruising down the road