Mt. Elbert, CO
Date:September 20, 2009
Elevation:14,433 ft
Trail:East Ridge
Distance:8-9 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:4100 ft
Difficulty:Class 1
Time it took us:6 hrs round trip

The start of our hike just after 6:00am

Travis and the pups with glowing eyes!


The trail as it heads up towards timberline

We had some fresh snow during the hike

Mt. Elbert in view

Travis heading up the trail

Happy pups!

The trail follows the ridge

Then the trail goes around the SE side of the mountain

Lindsey and Mariah at the Summit!

Travis and Brisco at the Summit!

I tried to get the dogs to pose on the higest rocks

It was a bit windy and they weren't too happy with me

Mariah getting blown around

Brisco posing for mom

A picture at the top with the register canister in the rocks

We had the summit to ourselves!

Quick pictures from the top

Looking down at Twin Lakes

The view to the West

Travis enjoying the scenery

One last tripod shot at the top

Headed back down out of the wind and cold

The blue sky and red tundra were beautiful!

Somehow Brisco found a stick above timberline!

Travis ahead - can you tell who had the camera while hiking?!

We didn't realize how steep it was until we went down

Looking back up the ridge

One last shot of Elbert

Travis hiking through the aspen grove

Lindsey and the pups loving the fall colors!

Beautiful trees and trail!

Another picture at the trail sign - this time it's light out!

Brisco in a forest of gold

A dirty and tired, but very happy Mariah!