Mt. Lindsey, CO
Date:July 18, 2010 (my birthday!)
Elevation:14,042 ft
Trail:North Face
Distance:8.5 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:3,500 ft
Difficulty:Class 2+
Time it took us:7 hrs round trip (w/ summit BD party)

I decided, what better way to spend my birthday than out hiking in the beautiful Colorado mountains with friends and family!
When it came to deciding where to go, Mt. Lindsey just seemed the obvious choice.
Not many people can hike up a 14,000 ft mountain with the same name. :)
Below are pictures from our hike.

At the trailhead Sat. night

We camped out and had great views!

Before dinner we found ourselves in a rock throwing contest
Collin had the best arm of us all

Hamming it up for the camera

Group shot at the camp site
Travis, Lindsey, Beth, Tracey, Collin

Ewww Collin - don't eat Travis' foot!

Route map

Hiking up the trail
700 ft elevation gain in 1/2 mile

We hiked the Lily Lake trail, then split off to Mt. Lindsey

There was a nice stream along part of the trail

Leaving the trees for the high meadow

A view of the trail route in blue

Headed up the rocks with Lindsey in view!

Collin, Beth & Travis headed up to the saddle

On the saddle ready to head up
The girls took the class 2+ pink route
The boys took the class 4 yellow route

The next few shots are of us headed up our different routes.

This shot shows the angle of the mountain

Beth almost to the top

Collin and Travis on Northwest Lindsey - 14,020 ft

Beth waiting for the boys

Group shot on the summit - 14,042 ft

Me with a birthday cupcake - thanks Marie & Collin!

Tracey giving a thumbs up for the cupcakes

Travis and Lindsey

Tracey and Collin with Tequila shots for my BD

Cupcakes and tequila - yum!

A couple panoramic shots from the summit - thanks Beth & Collin!

Headed back down the gulley

You can barely see Beth and Collin on the rocks

The local wildlife - a Marmot

One last look at Mt. Lindsey from the saddle

We enjoyed the hike back out. Lots of green tundra, a ton of Columbine
all along the trail and plenty of sunshine made it the perfect day!