Mt. Sherman & Gemini Peak
Date:July 31, 2010
Elevation:Mt. Sherman - 14,036 ft
Gemini Peak 13,951
Trail:Iowa Gulch
Distance:6 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:2,200 ft
Difficulty:Class 2
Time it took us:6 hrs round trip (lots of stops)

After just 4 days of rest from hiking the Lincoln Group, I decided to hike Mt. Sherman with the pups, my friend Mariah and her dog Indigo while Travis was off biking day 1 of the Courage Classic. This was Trek and Indigo's first 14er. We picked Sherman because it's one of the shorter hikes and it's an easier one. All the dogs did great! Mariah and Brisco had some sore back paws, but they loved being out in the mountains again. Here are some pictures from our day.

Looking back at the road to the trailhead

The hike starts climbing the rocks right away

There are clouds down in the valley to the west

Looking east at the standard route trail

Quick snack break

The rocky ridge up to Sherman

Looking back at Mt. Sheridan - 13,748 ft

Mariah headed up the ridge

A shot of the slope

Trek found the snow and loved it!

Trek and Indigo leading the way

Mt. Sherman summit looking north to Gemini Peak

Indigo, Trek, Mariah & Brisco on the summit

Me and the pups - 14,036 ft

We tried a group shot with the gorillapod.
To get the pups to look at the camera, I threw a rock.

Trek decided to go find the rock!
It was pretty funny (lack of oxygen) and here's the blooper shots

Funny stuff aside - here's Trek on the summit

The view to the west is steep and rocky

After Sherman, we decided to head over to Gemini Peak

Trek enjoying the green tundra

There were lots of pretty alpine flowers

Short, steep and rocky = Gemini Peak (fun!)

Trek and Mariah rock-hopping up Gemini

Mariah & Mariah on Gemini Peak - 13,951 ft

Indigo looking regal

Me taking a picture of Mariah taking a picture of the girls. :)

Another shot of Mariah & Mariah

Trek off enjoying the view

View to the north

Looking west at Dyer Mountain - 13,855 ft

Mt. Sherman covered in hikers!
There were 4 other people when we were up there.

Mariah resting before the hike down

Trek looking adorable!

Mariah says "Whoo hoo! Mountains are fun!"

Climbing back down Gemini

Headed to the saddle between Gemini and Dyer

Indigo and Trek

Closer shot of Trek looking off into the distance

Headed back to the car down in the valley

Mariah by some cool dinosaur-type rocks

The ridge had steep drop-offs to the south

The west side of Mt. Sherman

Brisco, Trek and Indigo headed down the trail

Trek waiting for mom

Indigo and Trek happy to be back on the green tundra

One last look at the ridge between Gemini and Dyer