Pikes Peak
Elevation:14,110 ft
Trail:Northwest Slope
Distance:12.2 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:4200 ft
Difficulty:Class 2
Time it took us:Just over 7 hrs round trip

Dog Courtesy Rule
All dogs must be on leash at all times unless
your dog responds IMMEDIATELY when called
Heading up the trail as the sun peeks over the peak

Still smiling as we head up, and up, and up... Brisco waiting up ahead as we approach tree line

Looking back on the trail from 12,600 ft Over the first ridge with Pikes Peak in sight

Brisco decided to go rock climbing all by himself.
He decided the fastest way down was right off the edge!
Another view of the rock Brisco jumped off.
It's at least 15' up - good thing the landing was soft

Still headed towards the summit
Finally at the last scramble to the summit!
There was a nice trail in the large rocks that led us to the top

Lindsey and Mariah enjoying the view about 15' from the summit Finally at the top!
Brisco and Mariah are taking a quick break

Looking back to the northwest where we came from
You can see the road/trail off in the distance
Headed back down the trail over the large rocks

High altitude flowers covering the ground Flowers growing in a nice, sheltered area

Headed back through Devils Playground
Named because of the way the lightning reflects
off the rocks in a storm
Family photo up on the rocks

One last stop to enjoy the view before the final descent Happy to be back at the trailhead with
Pikes Peak added to our list!