Redcloud Peak & Sunshine Peak
Date:July 1, 2011
Elevation:Redcloud Peak - 14,034 ft
Sunshine Peak - 14,001 ft
Trail:Northeast Ridge
Distance:9.95 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:4,426 ft
Difficulty:Class 2
Time it took us:8 hrs 51 min

We started our 2011 14er season with a bang! We were camped at Dome Lakes area for 4th of July and decided to head over to Lake City on the 1st to hike Redcloud and Sunshine peaks. The standard route is to go up Redcloud, hike over to Sunshine, then back to Redcloud and down the standard trail. We followed the standard route up Redcloud and over to Sunshine, but we decided to descend Sunshine's Northwest slope and make a loop back to the car. As always, we camped at the trailhead the night before, woke up early and started hiking at 5:30am. Trek and Brisco went along and we all had a great time! We didn't pass anybody on the trail and the only 2 people we saw were about an hour behind us the entire time. We had both summits to ourselves and had beautiful Colorado sunshine all day!

Lindsey headed up the valley

The trail leads up into the bowl

There were lots of beautiful wildflowers!

Up the first set of switchbacks and Redcloud becomes visible

The trail leads up the ridge

Brisco and Trek waiting for us

Lindsey & pups with Uncompaghre and Wetterhorn in the back

Travis leading the way

The summit of Redcloud is close!

Sunshine Peak from the summit of Redcloud

Family picture on Redcloud

Trek enjoying the view

Brisco ready to head over to Sunshine

It’s 1.5 miles between peaks

Brisco showing where not to go

Getting closer to Sunshine

Trek on the edge

Travis almost to Sunshine’s summit

Lindsey on the final pitch to the summit

Family picture on Sunshine!

Looking back at the trail to Redcloud

We took the fast way down the snow

We came down the chute with the arrow!

One last look at the northwest route off Sunshine

Travis and the pups soaking in the beauty

Almost back to the trailhead

The GPS route for our hike

Final Elevation Profile