The Great Sand Dunes

We visited the Sand Dunes on Labor Day 2006.
Lindsey, Mariah and Brisco competed at a NADAC trial
on Sat & Sun, then we all played in the sand on Mon!
Our friends Brian and Mindy joined in on the adventure.

We highly recommend visiting the Sand Dunes
Just be sure to play in the morning when the sand is
still cool and take lots of water!

A view of the Sand Dunes as the sun is starting to rise The flats you need to cross to get to the dunes

We decided to hike as high as we could go on the dunes Pausing for a quick break...
walking in the sand is quite a workout!

Beautiful, untouched sand Even in the desert sand, life can grow

Mariah having fun running around on the wide open dunes Brisco pausing on the side of a dune

Brian and the pups off in the distance Brian is trying to race Brisco to the top of the ridge...
...Brisco won

Brian, Travis, Mindy and the pups taking a break Walking along a ridge - nothing but blue sky

Brisco flying up the hill! Mariah's mouth is filled with sand - blech

The Sand Dunes are like a big sandbox.
What do kids usually do in a sandbox? - They PLAY!!!

Travis catching some air as I try to avoid him landing on me! Travis and Lindsey running down the hill, laughing the entire way

Mindy leaping off the dune Brian jumping off the dune and over Mindy

It's not a swimming pool, but Travis is still going to dive Travis working on his front flip while Mariah watches