San Luis Peak, CO
Date:July 5, 2010
Elevation:14,014 ft
Trail:Northeast Ridge from Stewart Creek
Distance:13 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:3,600 ft
Difficulty:Class 1
Time it took us:9 hrs round trip

San Luis Peak is one of the more remote Colorado 14ers.
The past 3 years we've camped close by, so this year we decided we'd go hike it!
We want to hike more of Colorado's 14ers, so this was a great one to start off the 2010 hiking season.
It's a longer trail, but it was a lot of fun.
We only saw about 12 other people on the trail the entire day and we had the summit to ourselves!

Camped out a the trailhead the night before.

We started hiking at 5:45am

The trail has a long start (~4 miles) before you start climbing

Brisco waiting for me to throw his stick

Almost out of the trees

Brisco showing us the way

Bogie and Calvin by the cairn

The trail heads up to the saddle

Calvin looking back down the trail for Jason

On the saddle looking east

Calvin & Brisco - trail buddies!

Quick stop to put booties on the dog's paws

The rest of the trail is all rocks

Brisco waiting for us - stylin' in his booties!

Calvin & Brisco enjoying the snow

A view of the slope with mountains to the north

Almost to the summit!

Beth coming up the last few feet

Beth, Travis, Bogie & Brisco on the summit

Brisco by the summit medallion

Group shot on the summit - 14,014 ft

The pups had a nice nap on top

Travis and Lindsey with a celebratory tequila shot

Which Wich picture - Free sandwich soon!

Summit marker

Calvin crashed on our gear

Headed back down the trail

Travis, Brisco and Calvin

Jason waiting for us down the trail

Brisco still ready to play