Schofield Pass - Near Crested Butte, CO

On Aug. 28th, we took the pups out for a hike on the north side of Schofield Pass. We parked at the "4x4 required" sign and started hiking uphill! We went cross-country for part of the hike and followed game trails for the rest of it. We climbed up and up and up until we finally got to the top of a 12,700 ft peak with 360 degree views! Beautiful scenery and not another person in site!

The road north of Crested Butte over Schofield Pass.

The "tough" part of Schofield Pass road
We had the F-250, so we stopped here and started our hike.

Hmmm - let's head uphill!

Following an old trail

Hopping over logs in the forest.

Out of the forest and into the meadows.

Water stop! Nice way to cool down.

Snack stop about 1/2 way up.

Let's go higher!

Brisco smiling for the camera.

Quick stop to cool off in the shade.

Game trails keep going up

Travis and Brisco leading the way.

The views are getting good!

Lindsey on a thin ridge line headed to the top.


A shot that shows the slope of the hill we're climbing.

Finally to the top!

Travis & Brisco.