Mt. Sneffles
Elevation:14,150 ft
Trail:Yankee Boy Basin
Distance:2.75 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:1700 ft
Difficulty:Difficult Class 2

A view of Mt. Sneffles from the trailhead area We didn't take many pictures of the hike up since
we were working too hard!
This is a picture from the saddle at the top of the scree

Looking back down at the saddle from farther up the ridge Beautiful blue-green lakes down below

A perspective of the rocks that form the mountain Travis coming up over the last few boulders to the top

My dad (George) and his BC Taylor at the top Family photo of Travis, Brisco, Lindsey & Mariah at the top!

Brisco enjoying the view from the top Taylor looking over the edge

Looking back down at where we came from Headed back down the mountain

Headed back down the trail over the large rocks Travis pondering the best path down