Stanley Mountain - Berthoud Pass, CO
Elevation:12,521 ft
Distance:6.5 miles round trip
Elevation Gain:1200 ft
Trail Info:Found the route for the trail in the
"Best Hikes with dogs in Colorado" book.

First trail shot with Brisco leading the way. The trail is somewhat steep.

A picture of the trail and the climb to come... Mariah enjoying the view of the bowl to the north.

Looking ahead at the switchbacks we're about to climb. Taking a break on the switchback.

Looking back at the bowl to the north. Colorado Mines Peak on the east side of Berthoud Pass
(Named for the Colorado School of Mines)

Looking down at where we've come from. View to the south.

The one sign on the entire trail.
Vasquez Peak Wilderness
The trail follows the ridgeline from here on.

Mariah enjoying a chance to play in the snow. Snow is great on hikes like this!

High altitude flowers growing between the rocks. More tundra flowers.

There were great 360 degree views along most of the trail.

Brisco taking in the scenery. A view from our lunch stop.

The trail continues along the ridgeline as we get closer. The peak of Stanley Mountain is finally in sight!

Mariah and Brisco on the very top of the mountain! Group picture at the top.
Great hike!