Torreys Peak, Grays Peak & Mt. Edwards
Date:September 9, 2010
Elevation:Torreys Peak - 14,267 ft
Grays Peak - 14,270 ft
Mt. Edwards - 13,850 ft
Trail:Kelso Ridge
Distance:8.44 miles round trip
Elevation Gain (net):5,013 ft
Difficulty:Class 3

Travis and I decided to take a day off work to head to the nearby mountains for a hike. On Thurs. Sept. 9th, we hiked up Torreys Peak via Kelso Ridge. Kelso Ridge is a fun class 2-3 ridge! It's not too long and we had a blast playing around in the rocks picking routes up the mountain. We had the summit of Torreys Peak to ourselves which is rare for these popular mountains. After Torreys, we went down to the saddle and up to Grays Peak. There were only about 6-8 people on that summit and it was a tad windy. We had a snack, then headed off on another faint trail that follows the ridge to Mt. Edwards. Mt. Edwards is a ranked 13er and is the 83rd highest peak in Colorado! The hike to Mt. Edwards is about a mile, but you're up at elevation and we had some strong winds so it took us a little while to get there. Once there, we caught our breath, then took a short-cut down a scree field to get back to the car. The downhill was definitely a workout and by the time we got back to the car, we were nice and tired! There's no better way to spend a work-day than out in the mountains!

The sun starting to come up

Torreys Peak ahead.

Lindsey catching her breath on Kelso Ridge.

A look back at Kelso Ridge.

Lindsey coming across the knife edge

Lindsey on Torreys Peak Sumit!

Travis on Torreys Peak Sumit!

The route over to Grays Peak

Travis on Grays Peak Sumit!

Lindsey on Grays Peak

Grays and Torreys as seen from the ridge to Mt. Edwards

Tired Lindsey on Mt. Edwards

The GPS route mapped out in Google Earth